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Eva Rieß

Equine physiotherapist

"The Horse Relaxe massager has been part of our almost daily companions for almost a year now. I was looking for a device that would make my massage work a little easier. I have 12 horses of my own and work as an equine physiotherapist, so massages are part of my daily routine. My mare Penny in particular has a lot of problems in the neck area (arm-head muscles are too pronounced and often tense) because she is a headshaker. By chance I came across the Horse Relaxe website and ordered the device and what can I say? I have never regretted it! I am absolutely convinced by the quality and thrilled by the simple operation. As I said, I use it all the time and the battery lasts an incredibly long time! I am also always happy to recommend the device to others! At our online academy we train future horse vital trainers. Part of their training is the sensible use of the Horse Relaxe. We discuss which muscles can be treated most sensibly and also use the device for stress point massage. Definitely an investment "pro horse"! My horses love the device and relax wonderfully with it. If you have any questions, the Horse Relaxe team is there for you. Super friendly and helpful contact👍"

Susanne Krämer


When I met Kara, she was extremely shy and extremely afraid of humans. She was partially aggressive. Not to mention she had very little muscle and was generally in poor physical condition. I gave her time and love to build trust with me. It was often not easy and I wanted to throw down many times, because no one believed in us. And today we are a team. Due to an accident Kara had to stand for a while and I noticed that the pain did not decrease despite the vet. She was withdrawing and seemed unhappy. So our physio and alternative practitioner came. I knew she was very skeptical and that she didn't trust strangers at all. We tried to get to her, but it was impossible because she was so afraid. So we worked with stones and Kara slowly started to relax and told me her story about the physical pain she had to endure in her past, and I cried. To make her let go of something, we worked with stones and it showed effect, Kara started to relax. So we decided to work with Bach flowers and Horse Relaxe together so she learns to relax and trust me and what can I say 😍 it works. She is so balanced and content since then and seems happy. She participates in life again 😊

Caroline Schulte

equine therapist - speciality: inhalation, respiratory diseases horse

"We were searching for a wellness product that complements our mobile brine chamber, is quiet and can effectively release light tension and fascial adhesions. This is how we became aware of the Horse Relaxe massager. The product is handy, extremely quiet and can be operated intuitively even without much prior knowledge. Since our patients often suffer from tension in the back or torso area, the device has proven to be an extremely useful addition. The heat function is first-class and the massage balls exert a very pleasant, constant acupressure. A clear recommendation for both human and animal use.  Many, frosty greetings from Sauerland


Equestrian and educator

"I took Angel over as my own horse after I took care for her with someone else for some time. When I met her, she was an emaciated and unmuscled horse, which also had an enormously high muscle tone. I realised that she needed proper nutrition and care. And this she got. It welded us together and we became a really good team. To regulate her muscle tone, the physiotherapist and osteopath visited us regularly. However, I noticed that Angel was quite sceptical around strangers and the goal of relaxing during the therapies was not achieved with her. I also realised that a regularity of such massages must be the case in order for Angel's muscle tone to decrease. Calling a physiotherapist all the time, and then finding one that Angel and I are happy with, would be really expensive. I did some research on the internet and came across the Horse Relaxe massager. It is a great solution for what I want to achieve with Angel. First, a massage can take place before or after the training session and second, I am the person who treats Angel and we are both completely satisfied and can relax. Also, Angel's muscle tone can only really subside if regular treatment takes place. And this is the case when I have the massager right there. I am so grateful for such a great invention from Horse Relaxe ☺️" Instagram

Alexandra Fleck

Physiotherapist and Fasciatherapist

Horses, like all athletes, also have a right to their physiotherapist! The aim of in-depth treatment and training is to bring the animal into balance and improve its physical and mental condition. Especially after difficult times such as an accident, trauma, illness or even during a recovery period. HORSE RELAXE, a German product, is perfect to relax the muscles and calm the mind of your horse. A wellness session guaranteed! I also like to use this small, manoeuvrable device for legs, chest and neck. www.chevalenforme.fr

Petra Ivenz

Physiotherapist for horses and dogs

"I am a horse physiotherapist and a horse owner myself. The Horse Relaxe massager convinced me in all aspects. The handling is super easy, fits nicely in the hand and the noise level is absolutely unproblematic for the horses. I also love the heat function. Especially, in wet-cold weather you can provide even more relaxation with the horses." www.isiinbalance.de

Chantal Groß

Owner of two horses

"After the visit to the physiotherapist, my mare was straightened again and was subsequently plagued by sore muscles. That is why my therapist referred me to the Horse Relaxe massager. I should use it to speed up my mare's regeneration and to do something good for the horse In fact, I noticed during the treatment that my mare was clearly relaxing and that the massage unit was a blessing for you. ** Clear recommendation! "

Caroline Fritz

Equine Economist FN, DOSB Trainer A

"The Horse Relaxe massager is wireless, quiet and easy to use. The horses really like it and enjoy every treatment. The massager is rechargeable thanks to the built-in battery. I can use it at home and during a competition. The horse has the power has improved since using the massager. They are relaxed and easy to compete with." To the Facebook profile

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