The idea for Horse Relaxe originated in a stable. We had a horse with strong back tensions and the resulting problems out of those. Be it in training or just while playing on the meadow. Veterinarian and physiotherapist recommended massage to relax the muscles, combined with gentle build-up training. And so we received an auxiliary device for massage, which actually was intended for people and only usable at the socket. When the horse stood in the corner and we massaged it with this unhandy device, the thought came to us: A small portable massager, without cables, rechargeable. And so the idea for Horse Relaxe was born. The prototype was tested in the presence of a physiotherapist and when we saw how much the horse was relaxing, we knew it was exactly what we wanted.


We love horses. We love to sit in the saddle. To have a taste of freedom in harmony with nature. So it is simple, horses are our passion. Graceful animals full of power and beauty. We want to do them something good and be it with a kind of relaxation and wellbeing. They give us so much, always listening, always comforting our souls. They help us forget everyday life and stress. They work hard for people, not for agriculture, but for sport. We humans expect performances. A soothing massage is a different kind of reward. In addition, supporting for health. So that we can keep enjoying beautiful moments on the back of our horses. That is our motivation. Our passion.


Horse Relaxe has been developed in Germany. We took care of the highest quality standards while processing, completely without harmful substances. We guarantee a safe product, which is checked regularly under all standards and regulations. Horse Relaxe is easy to clean, portable and completely usable without cable, which makes it very handy. A high-quality battery with long running time is installed. Because the satisfaction of our clients is very important to us, we have a customer support for questions and information. So that we can offer the best for Horse and rider.