Ideal for use in warming up, building up muscles and promoting the horses' serenity, vitality and regeneration.

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If tensions in the musculature are quickly recognised and massaged, this saves time and money, the horse gets a better quality of life and performance and possibly reaches a higher age.


  • helps with tension and promotes the willingness of the animals to perform
  • promotes relaxation and serenity of the horse
  • offers an additional heating function
  • portable, wireless and easy to use
  • light and handy, ideal for use at home and at tournaments
  • battery operated and rechargeable via USB


The crucial element for a higher performance of the horse is the muscle building. HORSE RELAXE supports your horse with soothing massages that stimulate blood circulation. Unwanted by-products such as free radicals and oxidants. develop in the body during intensive riding units.

A gentle massage with HORSE RELAXE and sufficient exercise are the best way to gently and effectively guide these substances out of the body. As a result, your horse regenerates and is ready to perform much faster.


"I bought the Horse Relaxe in August 2020 and I don’t want to miss it in the daily stable! My mare just loves it so much and enjoys the massages so much! It also helps us a lot with her slight tension! NEVER be without the Horse Relaxe! ! "

Chantal G. 



Is your horse stiff Does your horse show discomfort or is not as energetic as you are used to from your horse? Your horse humps and maybe even refuses? There are many indications of muscle tension or even muscle hardening. Allow your horse the moment of relaxation and let it switch off with the HORSE RELAXE to regain the looseness and serenity. At the same time, with one-handed operation, it builds trust in your horse and the bond between each other is strengthened.


"Our Voltipferd Rapid always does his best for our vaulters. Of course we also do our best to keep Rapid healthy. This includes treatments with the Horse Relaxe. He enjoys these treatments a lot and can really relax. He gets treatments all over the place Body, but above all on the heavily used muscle parts. We always give back a lot and strengthen the bond between him and the team. "

Kathrin H. 



Maintain your horse's health by using prophylactic massages to increase blood circulation and your horse's wellbeing. After a hard training session, HORSE RELAXE also supports you with regeneration and the susceptibility to injury decreases.


"Our ponies love the Horse Relaxe ™ ️ massager! Whether at a tournament or at home, especially now around the time of year. The device is a really relaxing program for my riding pony wallach (he has a diagnosis in his back). Since we got the Horse Relaxe ™ ️ use it regularly in connection with our super physio, it runs great! So many thanks for the great device, it is simply an asset in our saddle room and the ponies just enjoy it ❤️🙏 "

With free 1-2 days shipping, 30 days exchange rights, you have absolutely no risk when you order from HORSE RELAXE. But be warned ... from the moment you put HORSE RELAXE on your horse for the first time, there is a risk that your horse will never want to go without it again.
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In order to properly prepare your horse for a demanding training session, it is important that we warm it up optimally beforehand. This phase takes about 15-20 minutes, regardless of whether it's summer or winter. And that's exactly why it's so important, because that's the only way muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments have time to become warm and elastic. The Horse Relaxe supports you in this.


Especially with its warming function, the effect is intensified, the blood circulation stimulated and the muscles relaxed. So you can start your training relaxed with your horse. You also avoid injuries. While brushing the horse you can feel with your hand at the same time whether you feel changes or hardening. These give you information about the health of your horse, which in turn has an impact on its performance. Here you can counteract this with the Horse Relaxe. However, if you feel serious changes, please consult a professional. By massaging and brushing you not only stimulate the blood flow to the muscles, but also activate the nerves. This is how the body is prepared for the coming program. Starting with step riding and / or pole training, continuing with a slightly collected trot and canter with an extended neck and hanging head, etc. Each time different muscles are addressed and stimulated, which is important for warming up. Because this is the only way to start more intensive training. In the beginning, you can loosen your horse with a free trot and gallop, which will help to balance out the efforts of the work. Muscles can also work without congestion blocking. After training, it is important that your horse cools down. Physical work leads to physiological changes in the muscles. By-products, free radicals and oxidants are created. To counteract this, further exercise, so-called dry riding, helps. You do this in about 10 minutes in step. Also longer if your horse has sweated a lot. The metabolic products created by the training can only be combated by continuous movement of the muscles. If the horse cools down too quickly, muscle cramps can occur. You can avoid these by using a sweat rug. After training, it's time to take care of yourself. In addition to deep and slow brush strokes, a massage with our Horse Relaxe also helps to support the blood flow and promote the relaxation of your horse. This loosens and relaxes the muscles again. It also prevents stiffness and cramps. Additionally, a massage with Horse Relaxe is a wonderful way of rewarding all the hard work.



Marie Sophie Mühlen is a physiotherapist and explains the HORSE RELAXE massager in our video blog. She has been riding since the age of 10 and has dedicated herself to eventing, which has enabled her to achieve success up to Class A.


Recommended by vets, physiotherapists and more than 10000 satisfied customers

Shiara with mom Heike Franke and Donni, horse lovers

"My name is Heike Franke. The horse Don Camillo, a 9-year-old Hanoverian gelding, belongs to my daughter and me. He came to us at the age of 5. In the 4 years Donni had problems with his back again and again. In addition, there were also injuries from time to time. Like 4 days ago. He pulled his right shoulder muscles. Once again, I had to borrow the Horse Relaxe from a friend. When our boy was walking almost clearly the next day, I was sure. I had to have this device 🤩. Donni also thinks this decision was absolutely right 😅. Regards Heike and Donni" Shiara with mom Heike Franke and Donni, horse lovers Instagram https://instagram.com/equelife_heike

Steffie Küppers, Equestrian

"We have been using our Horse Relaxe massager regularly since January 2021. Most of the time I use it on spa day, but now and then also directly after riding. Mila relieves the corresponding hind leg (on the side where I stand) IMMEDIATELY when she only hears that I switch on the device and starts yawning and chewing within SECONDS of starting. We mainly massage the neck muscles, the back muscles and the croup.... here we try to keep the area of the sacral bone "in balance". After the treatment Mila clearly shows her deep relaxation and the next day she is always (!) absolutely relaxed during any kind of work.   Conclusion after 7 months: NEVER again without 😉 we love our Horse Relaxe and wouldn't want to do without it. Price-performance ratio fits 100%. Thank you for this invention 💖"   Steffie Küppers, Equestrian, Instagram https://instagram.com/mila_the_tinker

Saskia Teschke, groom and horse trainer, Pferd und Reiter in Harmonie

"The Horse Relaxe massager is pleasantly handy and makes a high-quality impression. The use is easy and thanks to the instruction manual and the application videos very well explained. The volume of this device is acceptable. My horses were a little sceptical at first, but then let themselves be massaged with the Horse Relaxe with relaxed hanging heads and a satisfied expression on their faces. I deliberately used it before the training session and noticed that the horses were much more relaxed and at ease when they started training. The Horse Relaxe massager is absolutely worth the money and a wonderful enrichment for the horses' everyday life, training and rehabilitation." Saskia Teschke, groom and horse trainer, Pferd und Reiter in Harmonie Homepage https://pferdewirtin-st.jimdofree.com/

Laurine and mum Silvia with Douglas, horse lovers

"Our pony Douglas, now 20 years old, is very sceptical about whirring noises in his vicinity 🙈 But in fact he remains calm during Horse Relaxe and even enjoys it, especially at the level of the lumbar spine and the large botty muscle. He has to fight with blockages there from time to time and the small rotating movements are obviously good for him. Especially the left side of his neck and shoulder is often tense. Here the muscle fasciae also stick together quite quickly... This is the best sign that work is really being done in depth, because Douglas first reacts somewhat unwillingly and then becomes more and more relaxed, at least he looks more relaxed afterwards... 😀 I am always fascinated that the wave movements which emanate from the balls (you can observe this very well on the neck) radiate into the surrounding tissue and do not just rub in a few spots... In between, we like to treat our Douglas to a bit of wellness.❣️ And Horse Relaxe is also good for tense rider muscles... Tested it myself... 😄😄" https://instagram.com/silvi.epp https://instagram.com/laurine_mzg

Eva Rieß

Equine physiotherapist

"The Horse Relaxe massager has been part of our almost daily companions for almost a year now. I was looking for a device that would make my massage work a little easier. I have 12 horses of my own and work as an equine physiotherapist, so massages are part of my daily routine. My mare Penny in particular has a lot of problems in the neck area (arm-head muscles are too pronounced and often tense) because she is a headshaker. By chance I came across the Horse Relaxe website and ordered the device and what can I say? I have never regretted it! I am absolutely convinced by the quality and thrilled by the simple operation. As I said, I use it all the time and the battery lasts an incredibly long time! I am also always happy to recommend the device to others! At our online academy we train future horse vital trainers. Part of their training is the sensible use of the Horse Relaxe. We discuss which muscles can be treated most sensibly and also use the device for stress point massage. Definitely an investment "pro horse"! My horses love the device and relax wonderfully with it. If you have any questions, the Horse Relaxe team is there for you. Super friendly and helpful contact👍"


Equestrian and educator

"I took Angel over as my own horse after I took care for her with someone else for some time. When I met her, she was an emaciated and unmuscled horse, which also had an enormously high muscle tone. I realised that she needed proper nutrition and care. And this she got. It welded us together and we became a really good team. To regulate her muscle tone, the physiotherapist and osteopath visited us regularly. However, I noticed that Angel was quite sceptical around strangers and the goal of relaxing during the therapies was not achieved with her. I also realised that a regularity of such massages must be the case in order for Angel's muscle tone to decrease. Calling a physiotherapist all the time, and then finding one that Angel and I are happy with, would be really expensive. I did some research on the internet and came across the Horse Relaxe massager. It is a great solution for what I want to achieve with Angel. First, a massage can take place before or after the training session and second, I am the person who treats Angel and we are both completely satisfied and can relax. Also, Angel's muscle tone can only really subside if regular treatment takes place. And this is the case when I have the massager right there. I am so grateful for such a great invention from Horse Relaxe ☺️" Instagram

Alexandra Fleck

Physiotherapist and Fasciatherapist

Horses, like all athletes, also have a right to their physiotherapist! The aim of in-depth treatment and training is to bring the animal into balance and improve its physical and mental condition. Especially after difficult times such as an accident, trauma, illness or even during a recovery period. HORSE RELAXE, a German product, is perfect to relax the muscles and calm the mind of your horse. A wellness session guaranteed! I also like to use this small, manoeuvrable device for legs, chest and neck. www.chevalenforme.fr

Petra Ivenz

Physiotherapist for horses and dogs

"I am a horse physiotherapist and a horse owner myself. The Horse Relaxe massager convinced me in all aspects. The handling is super easy, fits nicely in the hand and the noise level is absolutely unproblematic for the horses. I also love the heat function. Especially, in wet-cold weather you can provide even more relaxation with the horses." www.isiinbalance.de

Chantal Groß

Owner of two horses

"After the visit to the physiotherapist, my mare was straightened again and was subsequently plagued by sore muscles. That is why my therapist referred me to the Horse Relaxe massager. I should use it to speed up my mare's regeneration and to do something good for the horse In fact, I noticed during the treatment that my mare was clearly relaxing and that the massage unit was a blessing for you. ** Clear recommendation! "

Caroline Fritz

Equine Economist FN, DOSB Trainer A

"The Horse Relaxe massager is wireless, quiet and easy to use. The horses really like it and enjoy every treatment. The massager is rechargeable thanks to the built-in battery. I can use it at home and during a competition. The horse has the power has improved since using the massager. They are relaxed and easy to compete with." To the Facebook profile

Frequently asked Questions

1Has the device been checked?
The majority of our work was and is on testing and ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations. It goes without saying that our products are safe and free of harmful substances. The massage device was developed and tested according to EU directives 2011/65 / EU (RoHS), 2014/35 / EU (LVD) and 2014/30 / EU (EMCD). In addition, tests according to the standards EN 60335-1, EN 62233: 2008, EN 55014-1 / -2, EN61000-3-2 / -3, EN 50581: 2012 and EN IEC 63000: 2018 were carried out and passed. All products have been tested according to the current REACH directives (pollutants) and are free from pollutants.
2Can I clean Horse Relaxe?
The cover can then be unscrewed (attention: left-hand thread) and cleaned with soap and water. The massage head is cleaned with a damp cloth and screwed back together after drying.
3Is Horse Relaxe also suitable for my horse?
The device is suitable for
  • Horses that have to spend a long time in the box
  • Dressage horses as part of the training (warming up)
  • To relax after training
  • On a day without training or exercise
  • For the relief of back problems
  • Always as a rewarding treatment
4Is there a guarantee?
Yes, there is a 12 month guarantee.
5What is the charging time for the device?
It takes 120 minutes from a complete discharge of the battery to an 80% charge.
6How long can I use the device at a time?
The device can be used for up to 250 minutes when fully charged.
7How and where on the horse can I use the device?
With light pressure, the massage device can generally be used wherever there are muscles. These would be places such as on the neck, buttocks, back, etc. Some horses are also not averse to a head massage.
8Can I also use the Horse Relaxe with a long coat?
Yes, you can do that with no worries. We paid attention to this during development. The soft fabric cover prevents the fur from tangling in it.